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Evil Eye

Evil Eye

Evil Eye Pallavi lives in New Orleans and has a close but contentious relationship with her mother Usha who has relocated back to Delhi due to her husband’s job. Usha is worried that her daughter, who is almost 30 is not yet married. Usha is fascinated by Vedic Astrology is trying to get her daughter to get together on specific dates.

To placate her mother, Pallavi agrees to meet the date blindly she had set up. The date doesn’t show up, but she does meet a male, Sandeep, and the two begin to get together. Sandeep seems like the perfect man: handsome, wealthy and Indian. When they discuss their past relationships, Sandeep tells her that one of his former lovers tried to commit suicide when they separated. When Sandeep refuses to gift her earrings, she notices his hands clench in anger, but she dismisses it.

She tells Usha about her boyfriend. Usha isn’t thrilled. According to an astrologer Pallavi and Sandeep are a rare combination. But a private investigator Usha employs, who claims that Sandeep has several former lovers who aren’t willing to discuss Sandeep. Evil Eye HD

Sandeep invites Pallavi to stay at his house. She declines and Sandeep offers to cover the cost of rent for a new apartment for her , so that she can take a break from her job and focus on her dreams of becoming a writer. Pallavi is permitted to move into the new home. However, Usha discovers that Sandeep has a grip on Pallavi too much. Pallavi claims that Sandeep is doing this for her own benefit. Usha recalls that her ex-boyfriend would use this phrase often and believes that Sandeep who was just nine months old when Pallavi was born, is a reincarnation her ex-boyfriend who passed away when he violently confronted Usha. Pallavi and all others think they are crazy.

When Pallavi is engaged to Sandeep, Usha has a breakdown. She agrees to give Sandeep an opportunity to make amends and at the urging by her husband. She shares with her daughter the details about her life. Prior to her marriage she was in a relationship with an abusive and controlling man. After she broke up with him and got married to another man she was constantly harassed by him. One night, when she was nine months pregnant, he fought her on the bridge. In the fight she was pushed into the river, and then began labor that night, giving the birth of Pallavi. She was never connected to the death of her ex-boyfriend.

Sandeep phone calls Usha and confesses to her suspicions are right Sandeep calls Usha and says that he is the reincarnation from her former boyfriend. Sandeep demands that she go to America to meet him in person. Once she is there, Sandeep tells her that the one thing he’s always wanted: his. Sandeep warns Pallavi that if she attempts to divorce the couple she will be murdered by him. Pallavi is skeptical of her mother’s support , especially when they eat dinner together. Usha confesses that she has the same set of earrings Sandeep gave to Pallavi the gift of her ex. Sandeep is furious and attacks Usha. Two women fight him off and wound Sandeep. They both injure him.

Pallavi Realizing that her mother was right about her is worried about her future and the things that will happen to her daughters. As Sandeep is dying, Usha comforts Pallavi. The last shot depicts an infant, suggesting that he has been reincarnated once again.

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